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The Samurai Gypsies Story:
"This Passionate, High-energy, gypsy soul-fire acoustic ensemble take their listeners on an exotic scintillating journey of sensual grooves and wild crescendos you can't help but move to. Their masterfully rich instrumentation, is both complex and precise, gritty
and hot.
The Samurai Gypsies get their unforgettable sound from the band's core string virtuosos, Gary Carpenter on guitar and Elijjah Mcullar on violin. Taking music with african, flamenco, latin and jazz roots into some deliciously sexy and cerebral places."
- Angela Blessing, Event Producer




Gary Carpenter    Bolo Connection Photography

"Over the past many years, the name of Gary Carpenter has become synonymous with integrity, creativity and musicianship of the highest caliber. Based in the Santa Cruz area of California, Carpenter first came to our attention as a founding member of the fusion group Helios, a combo that provided more than a modicum of style to go along with an abundance of substance. Gary’s next foray was with the band Tribal Heat, as he explored various avenues in world music. Now add to those musical adventures Samurai Gypsies, Carpenter’s latest project that takes listeners on an intriguing journey into the realm of Latin and Rhumba. With this most recent offering, the versatile and multi-talented Mr. Carpenter shows all the fire and passion we’ve learned to expect. Make no mistake, this is melody with muscle; but even so, with a generous measure of nuanced touches – there’s enough to satisfy even the most discerning listener. Proficient in a plethora of styles, from jazz and world music, to flamenco based rhythms or anything in between, Gary Carpenter continues an upward trajectory with an ever expanding musical mission. Always intriguing and fresh – both on record and in live performance - guitarist Gary Carpenter is the epitome of a performer whose credentials are beyond reproach!"

Ted Hasiuk Host & Producer for Café Jazz
Dany Cobo    Bolo Connection Photography

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